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The Hip Hop collection

Stage 2, Public Sale ETH

NOVEMEBER 19TH 2022: 12:00PM EST

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    Total Collection
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    NFT Mint Price

The Story

About Us

The HipHopPunk collection was launched and sold out on Tron in September of 2021 but with no real development of the NFT ecosystem on the Tron Network there are no resales of NFT’s and most projects have shut up shop. Since the HipHopPunks BY Entertainer Punks is an Original Project we have decided to leave the Tron Chain and move to the Ethereum chain. From the sale of the HipHopPunk collection the profits from the sale will go back to paying the Tron Holders back as we don’t want the project to be available on multiple chains as it will detract from the uniqueness of the project

Our Goals


Phase 01

  • Creation of the HIPHOP NFT collection

Phase 02

  • Launch football collection
  • All holders of HIPHOP collection get 10% shared between them